Cerro Chirripó, Indian for Mother of All Water, at 12,530 feet is Costa Rica’s highest peak. Though only the 470th highest peak in the world, it is rated as the world’s 38th most prominent peak.  On a clear day both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans can be seen from its peak.

Cloudbridge Nature Reserve adjacent to Chirripo National Park, Costa Rica.

The first recorded summiting was by a Talamancan missionary in 1904, but since its incorporation in 1974 into the Costa Rican National Park system it has been climbed by thousands.  Mountaineering is by guided tours only, permits available through private outfitters and in San Gerardo de Rivas, the town at its base.  Inquire first as permits are rarely available on a walk-in basis.  Most expeditions are three days in duration.

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