Jacó is the closest beach town to San José, an hour and a half away, and its prime location has turned it into one of the most developed many would say overdeveloped  coastal destinations in Costa Rica. Mega-resorts abound here and in Herradura to the north, though plenty of budget lodging options are also available. The casino at the Hotel Cocal is renowned for its legal prostitutes, and other not-so-legal vices are readily available here. The surfing is good, though experienced surfers will want to head to Playa Hermosa to the south.

Jacó is a popular destination for bachelor parties, and its night clubs offer some of the most happening night life in Costa Rica. If you like to party, you’ve come to the right place — and if quiet nature hikes and empty beaches are calling to you, you’re within striking distance of dozens of good options.



Top Shelf

Hotel Royal Corin
Hotel Arenal Kioro
The Springs Resort and Spa




 For more information on this destination, please see: http://costaricahighways.com/jaco/