San Vito

San Vito was the intersection between a large group of WWII Italian emigres and a presidential land grant to stimulate development of the far south.  Nestled in the foothills of the Talamanca Mountains, San Vito is a bustling little city that cut its teeth on coffee plantation and is now the main jumping off point to La Amistad International Park, a vast mountainous region that includes territory in both Chiriqui State of Panama and Coto Brus Canton, Costa Rica.

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Famous for industriousness and a penchant for building trades and free enterprise, San Vito has diversified successfully from dependence on coffee.  It is friendly and well off the beaten track.  Be sure to check out the Dante Allighieri Cultural Center and the nearby Wilson Botanical Center, itself part of the internationally renowned Las Cruces Biological Station.



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Cascada del Bosco

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