Zip-lining/Canopy Tours in Costa Rica

One of the most popular adventures in Costa Rica is zip-lining through the treetops on a canopy tour, an activity offered in dozens of places throughout the country.

For this adrenaline high, you’ll be fitted with a harness, helmet and gloves and securely roped at all times. Typically the zip-line cables are fastened between platforms built on trees or solid ground, with varying heights and lengths that affect the speed of descent.

Some zip-lines are self-braking, so you just hold on and fly until you come to a stop automatically. On others, you have to brake yourself by pulling down on the cable with your gloved hand.

Some canopy tours are combined with options such as a Tarzan swing, a rock climb or a rappel, and some offer a “Superman” cable in which you are harnessed in two places, facing down.



Canopy tour operators

All prices are for adults; most operators offer discounts for children. Prices vary depending on options chosen.

Guanacaste/Rincón de la Vieja

Hotel Vista Golfo, near Puntarenas
Toll-free from U.S. or Canada: (800) 953-8262
In Costa Rica: (506) 2639-8303

  • 25 zip-lines crossing 11 waterfalls, with 2 rappels, said to be the biggest zip-line tour in Costa Rica, $99, min. 2 people.
  • 13 zip-lines with Superman flight, $60, min. 2 people.


Parque Aventura, Esparza, near Puntarenas
(506) 2635-5858
8 zip lines and 14 observation platforms, 1.5 km in length, with Superman cable; prices not posted.


Hacienda Guachipelín, Rincón de la Vieja
Toll-free from U.S. or Canada: (888) 730-3840
12 cables, 24 platforms, with rock climb, Tarzan swing and controlled rappel in a river canyon, $50.


Buena Vista Rainforest Combo Tour, Rincón de la Vieja
10 cables, 11 platforms; regular and “extreme” canopy tours, with Tarzan swing and free fall; park also has a waterslide 420 meters long; prices not posted.



Pura Aventura Canopy Tour, Tamarindo
(506) 8883-5703
11 cables, a swinging bridge and a rappel in the pristine forests of Hacienda La Norma in Guanacaste, $50.


Monkey Jungle Canopy Tour, Tamarindo
(506) 2653-1172
Seven high-flying cables on the outskirts of Tamarindo; prices not posted.


Cartagena Canopy Tour, in Cartagena, near Tamarindo
Toll-free from U.S. and Canada: (877) 786-6826
10 cables with 11 platforms, 1,600 meters long; prices not posted.



Sky Adventures Arenal (Sky Trek), Arenal
(506) 2479-4100
Starts with open-air gondola tram, finishes with 8 zip-lines, the longest near a half-mile long, $71.


Arenal Mundo Aventura, Arenal
(506) 2479-9762
10 cables up to 800 meters long, including a zip-line over the La Fortuna Waterfall, $70.


Ecoglide Canopy, Arenal
(506) 2479-7120
13 cables, including one 430 meters long; a fast-flying, adrenaline-filled day of fun near the base of Arenal Volcano, $55.


Arenal Paraiso, Arenal
Toll-free from U.S. and Canada: 1-855-ArenalParaiso
In Costa Rica: (506) 2479-1100
12 platforms and 11 cables with a length up to 350 meters along the Arenal River, $45.



Selvatura Canopy Tour, Monteverde
(506) 2645-5929
15 cables and 18 viewing platform, traversing over 2 miles, with optional Tarzan swing and Superman cable, $45.


Sky Adventures Monteverde (Sky Trek), Monteverde
(506) 2479-4100
Starts with open-air gondola tram, finishes with 8 zip-lines, the longest near a half-mile long, $71.


Monteverde Extremo, Monteverde
(506) 2645-6058
14 cables, with Tarzan swing, Superman cable and rappel; canopy only, $50.


100% Aventura, Monteverde
(506) 2645-6388
Said to have the longest zipline in Latin America (1,590 meters); 12 cables, with Tarzan swing, Superman cable, rappel and walk across a hammock bridge; canopy only, $45.



Hacienda Pozo Azul Adventures, Sarapiquí
Toll-free from U.S. and Canada: (877) 810-6903
In Costa Rica: (506) 2438-2616
9 cables and 17 platforms, some built on trees 60-90 feet high, $53.


Selva Verde, Sarapiquí
From U.S. and Canada, 800-451-7111
In Costa Rica: 506-2761-1800
12 zip-lines in Hacienda La Linda criss-crossing tropical rainforest, ornamental gardens, and the Río Sarapiquí, $56.


Rainforest Adventure, Costa Rica Atlantic, near Braulio Carrillo National Park
10 zip-lines, 14 platforms traversing rainforest and the Molinete River, with one cable 140 meters long, $89 with transportation and lunch, $50 without.


Manuel Antonio/Central Pacific

Midworld Canopy Tours, Manuel Antonio
(506) 2777-7181
9 cables, 14 platforms and 2 controlled rappels, just outside Quepos; said to have Costa Rica’s longest (1 km) Superman cable (separate) and the area’s only high-ropes puzzle course, $75.


Titi Canopy Tour, Quepos
(506) 2777-3130
10 cables up to 450 meters (1,475 ft.) long, rappel, Tarzan swing, $65.


Canopy Safari, Manuel Antonio
From U.S. and Canada: (877) 765-8475
In Costa Rica: (506) 2777-0100
18 platforms, 10 zip-lines, 2 rappels, Tarzan swing, about 45 minutes from Manuel Antonio in the Peso Real area, with tour of butterfly garden and serpentarium, $75.


El Santuario Canopy Adventure, Manuel Antonio
From the U.S.: (877) 914-0002
In Costa Rica: (506) 2777-6908
Said to be Costa Rica’s largest zip-line, with touchless braking system, 11 zip-lines, 14 platforms, 3 towers, 6 hanging bridges, 3 nature walks, and 1 rappel, plus the longest line in Central America at more than 4,300 feet (1,300 meters), $75.


Rainforest Adventures, near Jacó
(506) 2257-5961
“Tranopy Tour” combines aerial tram and zip-line canopy tour, with 10 cables and 14 platforms, $75.


Turu Ba Ri, Turrubares, halfway between San José and Jacó
(506) 4052-0940
More than 2 km of zip-lines, with 8 cables, 11 platforms and 2 hanging bridges, $49, or Superman flight 1,200 meters long, reaching a height of 110 meters and maximum speeds of 90 km per hour, $49.


Hacienda Baru, Dominical
(506) 2787-0003
8 cables leading from one ridge to another, across valleys and streams, with 14 land-based platforms and 1 tree platform, $40.


Osa Peninsula

Corcovado Canopy Tour, Los Planes, Drake Bay
(506) 8311-6489
11 cables ranging from 190 to 400 meters in length through 50 acres of rainforest, in trees up to 60 meters above the ground, $95 with horseback riding.


Jinetes de Osa, Drake Bay
9 platforms, 6 traverse cables, with one spanning over 300 feet (100 meters), with a 65-foot (21-meter) observation bridge at the edge of a picturesque river bend; prices not posted.


Miramar, Puerto Jimenez
506 8632-8150
5 platforms traversing 1.2 km, $75 with taxi.


La Palma, Osa Peninsula
506 8632-8150
5 platforms traversing 1.3 km, $50.



Gecko Trail Adventures, Puerto Viejo de Limón
From U.S. and Canada: (415) 230-0298
In Costa Rica: (506) 2756-8414
10 aerial and 12 land-based platforms, for a total of 2,760 meters of zip-line, $55.


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